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Three Ways Children Benefit from Chiropractic

Back2Health Family Wellness Center in Little Silver knows how beneficial chiropractic is for children. This post discusses 3 important benefits of chiropractic care for Monmouth County children.

1. Chiropractic strengthens their immunity, reducing incidence of colds, earaches and illness: since the nervous system directs the immune system and chiropractic care improves the function of the nervous system, the immune system can become more powerful.

2. Improves the child’s ability to concentrate: the brain plays a vital role in our daily functions, and when we inhibit its ability to work at its maximum capacity, children are not functioning at their greatest capability. Chiropractic care can allow the brain to function at maximum capacity, therefore improving functions like concentration.

3. Assists with sleep issues and bed wetting: chiropractic can help the nerves that control the organs of the urinary system function better. Since your nerves affect every cell of your body, they influence organs such as the bladder. When a chiropractor restores normal motion in the spine, the nerves are able to function properly, taking the stress away from the nerves allows the organs to function optimally.

If you intend for your child’s body to always perform at peak levels, their bodies have to be functioning perfectly and in a harmonious balance 100% of the time. This cannot be achieved in any way from the outside in. No one knows what your child’s body needs except for their own body.

A subluxation interferes with this control mechanism resulting in disharmony and malfunction. This disharmony/malfunction decreases performance, never allowing your child to function at their peak performance and robbing them from experiencing life at its fullest.

Everything changes when the body is not in balance. A subluxation changes the body and changes function. It can affect anything from personality, concentration, mood, to health or sickness.

Back2Health Wellness in Little Silver offers a lifetime practice of intelligent living, giving your children and family the best chance of experiencing life, by ensuring they are subluxation free. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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