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~ Dr. Dennis Hupka and Dr. Lisa Mazzella


Tim: Psoriasis

When Tim first came into our office, most of his body was covered in Psoriasis. He couldn’t wear short sleeve shirts or shorts in public. Tim was in need of help! Over the next year, Tim’s Psoriasis nearly vanished and he gives the credit to chiropractic care. We often see miracles in our office, and this had been one of our best miracles yet! Please watch this video and listen to what Tim had to say about the loss of his Psoriasis.


Lauren: Vertebral Subluxation

Meet Lauren, we were very fortunate to talk with her at an event we had at the Vitamin Shoppe. We talked with her about some of the health challenges she was having. She originally talked with us — because you know — chiropractors are for back pain…. but we also explained that her body was stressed and not Functioning well from vertebral subluxation. Lauren is an Aesthetician — for those of you like me who don’t know what that is… I say she’s a beauty specialist… Her job involves standing on her feet for long periods of time. If you ever had back problems and had to stand for long periods of time and deal with the can be challenging. Upon arrival at the office we began to show her how her subluxations were effecting her emotionally and physically. As you will hear her say she now has more energy, can work out more efficiently, can sleep better, and can focus better. Don’t you think it’s important to focus better, if your still in school. I am so proud of her. She has followed through will all the care and rarely misses an appointment. Lauren we look forward to adding years to your life and LIFE TO YOUR YEARS.. We are blessed to have the opportunity to change your life. I say screw you…pharmaceutical companies, we saved another wonderful person from the damaging effects of your poisonous pain killers….


Mike: Back Pain

Meet Mike, he was referred to the office by a friend who is also a patient in our office.  Mike came in the first day and could barely walk.  This was extremely bad for him, since he is the owner/operator of a landscaping company.  He could not work and was losing income because of the back pain.  I walked him through the consultation explaining that subluxation was the cause of his condition, and it was there for awhile slowly destroying his low back.  I explained that over time as we removed the subluxation his body would begin to heal and if his low back had the capability to heal he would feel better.  Within a short period of time, without subluxation, he began to feel and FUNCTION better, and soon he returned to work without any restrictions.  He even began to work out in the gym.  Unfortunately, Mike is moving, and he has already inquired as to who is going to have the honor of checking him for subluxation for the rest of his life.  Bye Mike, good luck we’ll miss you!!!


Larry: Neck and Back Pain, Sciatica

Meet Larry who has been a chiropractic patient here for some time now.  He was injured years ago and has had several neck surgies and tried several forms of therapy… According to Larry nothing has helped as much for his neck pain, back pain, and Sciatica as much as Dr. Dennis Hupka and Dr. Lisa Mazzella from Back 2 Health.  Click the video to see what Larry has to say about our office.


Robin: Asthma

Meet Robin who understands chiropractic as well as anyone I have ever met. She made sure her WHOLE family was checked for subluxation.  She has been coming in weekly to improve and maintain her health and vitality.   I am never amazed, but am always very excited when I hear stories, such as hers.  She was taking medication and still suffering with asthma!! I told her we don’t treat asthma, but work on improving function/health within the body.  As of the other day: SHE IS PROUD TO SAY she no longer takes her maintenance medication for the asthma!!   Health from within, when understood you will realize that your body is powerful beyond measure!!


Nancy: Multiple Ailments

Meet Nancy who came into our office after a presentation that we held. Her quality of life was seriously diminished and I was very concerned. I explained to her that her body was broken down and will continue to break down if she stays on the path she was on. The path she was on, was a symptom treatment path, taking drugs for every ailment. It was a passive approach. I explained that health comes from within, and its easier to maintain health, than to try to conquer a disease. When there is nervous system interference (subluxation), it is impossible for the body to function normally. When we reduced her subluxations we turned on the power. The power of LIFE!! I slowly watched her life improve. She began to do the things she loved to do, but couldn’t do in the past, as her body healed. Rock on Nancy, now you will ENJOY your life.


Angela: Discomfort Sitting

Meet Angela, when she first came into the office, she was in a lot of discomfort and pain with difficulty sitting which she blamed on the couch.  She was taking several Advil a day to try to manage the pain.  She even considered purchasing a new couch, thinking that would solve the problem.  Shortly after starting care she was SO much better.  Needless to say she didn’t buy the couch and is very satisfied with the results she achieved.  She has been under wellness care on and off for over two years.


Diane: Back and Neck Issues

Meet Diane. Before coming to our office, Diane suffered from severe neck and back issues. She could not turn her head all the way in either direction. She suffered from lack of sleep and bladder issues. After 3 months of care at our office, Diane is experiencing remarkable improvements. She is sleeping better, she can move with out pain and her neck and back pain has decreased. Watch her video testimonial to see what she has to say! [tube][/tube]  

Valerie: Vertigo

Valerie has been a patient at Back 2 Health Wellness Center since November of 2012. She came to us because she was suffering from a severe case of Vertigo. Prior to Chiropractic treatment, Valerie was suffering from Vertigo for almost 10 years. Valerie is a very active, athletic person and enjoys working out, kick boxing and yoga. Her vertigo would prevent her from participating in these activities because she would become extremely dizzy when moving her head into certain positions. Valerie has not had any major attacks since receiving Chiropractic care.


Back 2 Health Family Wellness – Little Silver – Chiropractor

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hollie fallon

I have been seeing chiropractors for nearly 20 years now and I have found it to be quite difficult to find an office in the area that fits what I am looking for for myself & my 3 year old. I am so happy that I found Back 2 health!  Amazing,skilled chiropractors in a warm and friendly office. My son has felt comfortable since we started going and even is excited to go! I feel healthier and have more energy since coming to this office. I highly recommend Back 2 health!

Joanna Zantow

After so many years of doctors and other chiropractors, Back to Health Family Wellness gave me my life back! After a couple of treatments, I got my mobility back, was relieved of neck and back pain, had more energy, and no longer felt like my head was “in the clouds”. I am able to function daily without medications and feel great! My second pregnancy was even better than the first thanks to Back to Health Family Wellness! My whole family goes now, even my three year old! They have earned themselves life-long patients!

Tony Martinez (TAPEO)

For the last 4 months I have been seeing Dr. Hupka on a regular basis. I did not suffer from any back pain when I first started to see him, however I wanted to improve my overall well being and posture. The results have been incredible. I’m more flexible now then I have ever been before. My body seems to function now at an optimal level. My capacity to endure more physical activity has increased, and in general feel more balanced. I have also noticed slight posture improvements. His office is very welcoming. Dr. Hupka is impressively knowledgeable and takes the time to discuss overall health strategies. I highly recommend Back 2 Health Family Wellness.

Loreta Pekarsky

Dr. Dennis restored my Quality of life in my retirement through his Holistic Chiropractic care.
I am a very active individual. I play tennis, ski, swim, play competitive table tennis, ballroom dance, loves gardening and shoveling snow ( believe it or not!). My husband and I love to travel. We participate in medical missions abroad.
So when I retired at 63 over 3 years ago from a busy private medical practice, my goal was to continue and enhance All these activities. I had previous spine surgery and Knee injections. However, arthritis and aging took a toll and I started to decline in my physical activities in spite of doing regular physical fitness program at the gym, massage, physical therapy and daily medications.

Then, I was referred to Dr. Dennis Hupka because of an acute back pain. After a thorough interview and physical examination, he laid out his Care plan and realistic expectations. This was not just pain relief but restoration of health and quality of life.
After a month of Chiropractic adjustments, I was able to stop my pain medicine. My husband even noticed that I have more energy. We were able to clean the whole garage in one day last summer which we have been putting off for over a year because of my physical limitations. Now, I wake up with a more positive outlook, ready to tackle the normal demands of daily activities, and happier. I am confident that with the regular and sustained care that I receive from Dr. Dennis, I would be able to enjoy our travel to Jerusalem end of January and go to the medical mission in February, 2016.
Thank you, Dr. Dennis!
Dr. L.U.,MD

Tim Cahill

I have been seeing Dr. Hupka for well over a year now.
I first met Dennis at a networking meeting and we soon became friends.
I had gone to Chiropractors in the past and had a great deal of faith in them.
I made an appointment with Dennis and after a thorough exam and much to my surprise, he said “Tim you have an extremely straight spine”. 
His response shocked me, because after 35 years in construction, it should have been much worse.
He said “All you really need is maintenance”.
That proved to me that he was as honest as he was thorough.
For me, the entire experience at Back 2 Health Family Wellness is a positive one and one I can truly recommend.

Tim Cahill

David Walker

I’m having a great experience with Dr. Dennis. I originally went to see him for a pain in my neck/shoulder, and have been continuing with adjustments on a regular basis. Not only is the pain in my neck and shoulder fading away, but I am seeing other benefits as well. I am a competitive amateur cyclist and have seen a noticeable improvement in my performance during rides and races and in my comfort afterwards. Looking forward to more good things.

Wendy Burke

Going to the chiropractor makes me feel young. I can honestly say I have lots of energy, agility and balance in my daily activities. I’d like to attribute this to eating right, exercise,and getting adjusted regularly by Doctor Dennis.

Mark Gabriel

Dr. Hupka is a great chiropractor. Based on the results achieved during my ongoing treatment with Dr. Hupka, not only has the pain in my lower back disappeared, but my mood has also improved as well as my health in general. I encourage anyone, whether for an existing issue or not, to seek treatment from Dr. Hupka as chiropractic treatment will definitely improve your overall health in addition to any existing issues. Thank you Dr. Hupka!

Heather Freeman

I began my treatment at Back 2 Health after my chronic neck and lower back pain became unbearable. I was taking 2-6 ibuprofen daily just to be able to function. I tried physical therapy and an epidural injection and none of it worked. I’ve been with Back 2 Health for about 4 months now, and I only take ibuprofen 1-2 times per week. My quality of life has greatly improved, and I look forward to feeling even better!

The way the office is set up is quick and convenient and VERY kid friendly–in fact, I have a hard time getting my 5 & 3 year olds to leave! I highly recommend this practice!

Bonnie Savage

a year ago

I went to Back 2 Health with a lower back injury. At the time I wasn’t able to stand straight and had severe muscle spasms that prevented me from walking and carrying out normal daily activities.

After several weeks of treatment, I’m now standing straight, spasm free and my quality of life is better. I’m now able to continue doing the things I like to do. I know I still need to continue treatment to maintain that quality of life. I’ve learned to understand how important it is to maintain my health.

Daniel Dunn

I have been going to a Chiropractor all my life and Dr. Dennis and Dr. Lisa are some of the best I have ever gone too. They care more about my health and well being then any other medical professional I have gone to. If you’re skeptical about seeing a chiropractor they will take the time and go through every detail of what chiropractic is and how it will improve your life. You’ll be glad you went to see them.

frank longobardo

I have been going to Dr. Dennis for a few months now and am amazed at the difference his care has made in my life! I was facing a situation where my only choices were to either live with the pain or get surgery, that came with no guarantee of feeling better. I am once again enjoying the little things in life that make us happy such as giving a piggy back ride to my 5 year old. If you’re faced with a situation like mine where your options are very limited , I highly recommend giving Dr. Dennis a call and let them help you increase the quality of your life!

Randy Scoras

I have been going to Dr. Hupka for about 9 months for lower back and neck issues, and I definitely feel better. I have seen other chiropractors in the past, and none have been as effective as Dr. D. Any time he works on a particular area, I have much greater range of motion, and can move easier. It certainly has helped my overall well being. It is always a pleasure to walk into the office, everyone is very friendly and professional

Nicole Knop

I have been going to see Dr. Dennis Hupka for over 1 year. I have seen an improvement with my migraines and my neck and back pain. I also have my kids go see him for preventative treatment. They are feeling better and not getting as sick since they starting seeing him. He is a very knowledgeable and friendly chiropractor.

Darius Melendez

Still being in my late twenties I’ve always considered myself to be a healthy and fit individual, as I take decent care of myself. That being said, I couldn’t imagine not being a patient of Dr. Hupka’s office, as he’s helped make better what even I thought was already good. Even the little improvements make a world of difference, believe me. There’s no question that coming here is well worth the quality of life I’ll get to keep years from now versus if I didn’t. Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Hupka!

Glen Koedding

I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it came to chiropractic care. But Dr. Dennis really showed me the light. For me, it all came down to posture. I spend tons of time at the computer these days (with limited break time)…. When Dr. Dennis took pictures of my stance I looked like a Question Mark! I further learned that good posture (correct spinal alignment) is critical to good health. Since working with Dr. Dennis, I do sit/stand straighter, sleep better, and have more energy. Aside from the health benefits, Dr. Dennis is a great guy — and the adjustments are quick – no sitting around waiting… I’m in and out in 5 minutes and I feel Great! if you are a skeptic – but Dr. Dennis to the test!

Lisa P

If you are looking for a great Chiropractor, I would suggest you contact Back 2 Health Family Wellness. Dr. Hupka is excellent and I’m grateful for the help he’s given me in both restoring and maintaining my health. Not only is Dr. Hupka a very skilled Chiropractor, he is kind-hearted and genuinely cares about his patients. His office staff is super friendly and always greets me with a smile and conversation.
The first time I went to see Dr. Hupka was for pain management, and I must say he helped me to heal very fast. I now go to for adjustments to keep myself healthy, (I’ve come to learn that Chiropractic is not only for people who have pain and other issues- it’s great preventative healthcare as well).

Dana Gabriel

I’ve learned that chiropractic care does much more than alleviate neck/back pain – it can change your life! Since my treatment with Dr. Hupka, my digestive system, menstrual cramps, skin, mood, sleep, and energy level have all improved. Dr. Hupka takes the time to tailor his treatment to your needs and you will see the changes you are hoping for!

Clare Tyluki

dr. dennis is a great chiropractor. I have been going to him for the last few years since he took over the practice form someone else. There is no waiting, he takes you right away. Always pleasant. I feel a lot better after I’ve gone to him.

Jim Pallitto

Dr. Dennis is a consummate professional. It is obvious that he is a student of the human body and ways to maintain health and vitality. At Back 2 Health Family Wellness you will have an experience that will leave you feeling your best, while understanding the how and why behind it.

J. Aronowitz

I was really surprised after walking into the office, the importance of seeing a chiropractor. Can you believe that Dr. Hupka told me, chiropractors don’t treat any condition!!! I was like what? Then he explained that chiropractors work to RESTORE NORMAL FUNCTION. Well that makes sense, if my body functioned normally it can heal itself. I am doing much better.. I am really happy I found Dr. Hupka.

Presley Board

Dr. Dennis and Dr. Lisa are both excellent chiropractors. They care about my wellness and overall health above everything else and I know I can turn to them if I ever have an issue or a question.

Keep up the good work!

Michelle Davis

I originally went to Dr. Hupka for lower back pain, but he also improved the range of motion I didn’t realize I had lost in my neck. He and his staff are great.

Gail Gibbons

Having been a regular for over 2 years and have seen much improvement. Questions are welcome and Dr. D thrives on educating his patients. Great practice!

Hal Soden

Excellent chiropractors with an extra-friendly staff. Go here if you care about your health!


Kyle Maldjian

I feel so much more alive and a lot healthier after being adjusted at Back 2 Heath Family Wellness. 

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