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The Link Between Asthma and Nerve Flow.

It is important to know that Chiropractic Care does not cure asthma, but it helps your entire body function and operate at its highest capacity, which will lead to improved overall health. Please contact our Little Silver office today for more information.

When you have asthma, two main things are happening in your lungs: the muscles around the airways are constricted and inflamed. Constriction and inflammation narrow your airways, which cause symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. There is increasing evidence that, if left untreated, asthma may cause a long-term decline in lung function.

Asthma is something that is always with you, even if you are not having symptoms. So, as soon as the symptoms go away, you may stop taking their preventative medications, not realizing that the underlying problems that cause the symptoms in the first place require daily asthma treatment.

There is abundant evidence to suggest that proper nerve flow may help relieve or prevent the occurrence of many respiratory ailments, including asthma. The lungs and diaphragm (the muscle used for breathing) are controlled by your nervous system. Nerves that control these areas leave the brain, travel down the spinal cord and exit the mid-cervical (neck) and thoracic regions of the spine. Subluxations (misalignments of spinal bones that irritate nerves) in these areas of the spine can interfere with nerve supply to the lungs causing the lungs to function abnormally. A chiropractor would correct the subluxations, restoring proper nerve supply to the lungs, allowing the lungs to function optimally.

The gain in health achieved after a chiropractor performs spinal manipulation is expected to reduce the incidence and severity of pathogenic invasion of the airways. There would be less of a risk under these circumstances of experiencing the symptoms of asthma.

For more information on how Back2Health Wellness can help with asthma please contact our Little Silver office today.

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