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A Special Guest Blog

We have a very special, guest blog post that we would like to share with you this week. This blog was submitted to us by a patient who is thoroughly satisfied with the care they have received here at Back 2 Health Wellness Center. She submitted this blog and told and told us to use it how we please – so we thought we would share it with all of you! Here it is:

Chiropractic care used to be a very foreign concept to me. I always associated Chiropractic care with car accidents and sports injuries. I always thought that getting your back “cracked” was kind of like going for a massage, and the benefits were purely therapeutic. I would have never even considered going to a Chiropractor, because I never thought I had a reason to.

A little over a year ago, my life changed when I was formally introduced to what Chiropractic care really is. I met Dr. Dennis from Back 2 Health Wellness Center at the Red Bank Street Fair. My friend had recently been talking about how much she loves her Chiropractor, so Dr. Dennis’s tent caught my eye when I walked past. I walked up to his tent and I was intrigued by the poster he had up about the central nervous system. I thought it was a really cool photo and I was wondering what it had to do with Chiropractic care. Dr. Dennis walked over to me with a big smile and introduced himself. He was extremely friendly and welcoming, and he is the type of person that you feel as if you have known for years. I trusted him right away.

Dr. Dennis explained to me how the central nervous system controls everything in the body runs down along our spines. He went on to explain that when your spine is properly aligned, your nervous system functions properly which allows your body to function the way it should. I was amazed by this concept because it made perfect sense. Dr. Dennis offered me a free visit at this office so that I could learn more about the benefits of Chiropractic care and receive an examination.

My first visit at Dr. Dennis’s office was wonderful. The staff was friendly, and I felt like I was going to visit an old friend. Dr. Dennis welcomed me with open arms and started my examination. During this visit I learned about subluxations and how they cause intrusions in your nervous system. I found through my examination that the upper part of my spine had subluxations, which was causing me headaches. Dr. Dennis went on to explain how he can help, and what the adjustments would be like. I was very excited to get started.

I have been seeing Dr. Dennis once a week for the last year, and I feel the best I have ever felt. Not only are my headaches gone, but I have more energy and I can honestly say that I feel healthier. I do not get sick as often as I used to. I would recommend Chiropractic care to anyone who wants to be healthy. I have learned just how important it is to keep my spine properly aligned, so that my nervous system can function at 100%. I truly believe that if more people in this country received Chiropractic care, health issues would significantly decrease. I have seen many families come into Dr. Dennis’s office and kids love to come! Receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Dennis has truly changed my life – and it can change yours.

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